The Switch to YouTube Music


Well, it seems the end of Google Play Music is near. In recent weeks there have been announcements that this would happen as the default music app is now YouTube Music .

In a way it’s too bad because I liked to use Google Play Music but after some tweaking and setup, I have made the switch. YouTube Music isn’t perfect by any means but to be honest it will do for me.

I’m a paid subscriber on the family plan for Google Play Music and for the most part financially nothing is really changed. In that price, I still get Google Play Music, YouTube Music and YouTube Premium. All these changes don’t seem to cost anything more (or less).

One of the advantages of GPM was the fact that I could upload all my music and play both my music and the streaming music available and although nice, I don’t really miss it as I don’t have the time to tweak and manage music playlists as once had.

I guess I should have seen this coming: GPM hadn’t been updated in a while and was looking a bit dated and YTM seems fine. I’m not heavily invested in playlists and the like as I usually just start a radio or listen to a full album so there’s really not much change for me there either.

YTM allows me to still download some music to my phone so I can listen to music at work and not have to ‘stream’ and jack up my data usage.

YTM isn’t perfect, but it’s fine. I might as well get used to it.

One complaint I do have is there doesn’t seem to be desktop player. This isn’t the end of the world either as my phone is always with me and I can stream or even plug in a set of headphones because my current phone has a headphone jack!

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