You Have My Vote

BW is jealous. I got all the mail today.

Boy had I known you would have received all these nice congratulatory cards when you become a US citizen I would have done it earlier. ?

I got not one, but two cards today in the mail complimenting me on my new status here in the US.

I won’t share the messages, but I will share that ** both **cards encouraged me to vote. I have a say now (Well, at least outside of the house) so I do intend to vote. I haven’t registered yet but that’s because they had a line at the ceremony and we decided to book it out of there and go have a celebratory coffee instead.

Back to the Cards:

This is a big deal. Both my wife and MIL posted on facebook on the big day and word travels fast so I am sure the word got out but it’s one thing to hit a ‘like’ button and forget about itand it’s another to make the effort to find a card, stamp and write a note and mail it.

This means a lot. Thank You. ?