Worth Half as Much

How often has this happened to you?

You get an email that the service you are paying for is now half the price it once was.

Usually, never.

But today I learned that the hosting service that hosts this site offers more value for less. It now costs me ten dollars for hosting for this site and a few others. It’s not quite as good as free hosting I once had but it came with some headaches so paying ten bucks a month is worth it.

It was fun while it lasted.

The warmer temps, that is.

It was really windy out there tonight wandering around the car lot with the rain sideways and wind at 50mph.

Oddly when I walked the dog it was still prety nice out so it got cold out quick. I guess I will need my ice scraper for some time yet.

Sorry, Wrong Address.

I bought a small computer on eBay (BW, don’t read this part.) .

It hadn’t arrived yet and so I emailed the seller. It turns out he sent it to the wrong adress, which I think is funny. I have had a lot of excuses for late stuff but not that one.

Apparently it returns to him today and he will try and get the right address.

Speaking of eBay I finally have a feedback of 1000

It only took me 20 years.  I’ve been a member since 1997.