Work Authorization

Nikon 35-70 mounted

When BW and I first met, we met halfway because, as BW said at the time - “it’s equitable”, and it has been except for one part where things are lacking significantly on my part: the money. She makes the dough, I get the glory. ?

If you’re reading this, you know me and you know the small business I started over a dozen years ago is shrinking. Blame it on the economy, the technology - whatever you like  - but the long and short of it is the numbers at the end of the year aren’t going in the right, or at very least the desired direction lately.

So, it seems that despite the fact that BW keeps me in the way I’ve become accustomed and I haven’t had a real job in over decade, all that changed today and if Bjorn Borg can come out of retirement, so can I.

I got a j-j-j-job today 

It’s OK if you want to stop and read that again. (Hi Dad!)

I start in the next week or so.

I am now (or should be soon) an action and team sports photographer for a local photo outfit. It’s essentially school photos, but for local team sports. Finally, after 25 years since I graduated from photo school do I get an actual job as a photographer. All that college education hasn’t gone to waste afterall, Dad. ?

How It All Happened 

The other morning I was browsing craigslist looking for a j-j-j-j…(I’m still having a hard time with this. It will take time) and saw an ad for “action photographers”, so I sent a note that I’m new here, but I do have a photo diploma and a couple years under my belt in the ‘digital darkroom’ domain and then comes the hard part - they wanted to see a portfolio. Because I wasn’t really looking for a photo job I didn’t have a portfolio to show. So…

I sent them photos of the dog.


It was the only action photos I had.

oh - and this one:

hummingbird feeder


(and a few other recent ones that you’ve seen) and said I’d love to chat further and that I’m pretty flexible with hours, am reliable, etc.

The phone rang later last night, and I popped in to say Hi earlier this morning. Training starts next week. 

Essentially, I shoot kids at hockey games, cheerleading competitions, some football and so on. You know that photo of your niece with a soccer ball and a smile on the fridge? or group shot of your son’s hockey team? If you’re now in the greater Buffalo area, there’s a small chance that will be taken by me.

This job clicks with me and fits to a T because it isn’t really a job at all. It’s some evenings and some weekends. It’s part time, at best.

I’m going to get paid for photographing people. Granted, the average age of the subject will be seven years old and the hourly pay isn’t much higher than my subjects age will be, but it’s not some crappy office job and the only resume I sent was a paragraph in an email reply.  I sold myself, and got a job the same way I’ve gotten every job I have ever had -** without a resume, but with an email instead. **

I’ve done this before in Canada about 20 years ago - but I don’t remember shooting the action photos. When I did this right out of college, you would drive to a local hockey arena and shoot the kids posing. I did this with film cameras. I imagine this is a breeze to shoot with digital.

This sounds like fun. This **gets me outside, **brings in a bit of dough (happy wife), and allows me to use my unconventional skillset. Win Win Win.

Or, should I say: “Score!” ?