Giving Windows a Shot

I guess I don’t mind


As the title says, I’m giving Windows 10 a shot as my daily driver for a bit to see if I’m been missing anything.

Back when Windows was a disaster I was a die-hard Apple user, but as the Web progressed over the years I realized that for the most part any old computer would do for what I wanted to use it for

So, I started with ChromeOS and it works just great and really does all I need. In fact, I think it works too well. It doesn’t allow me to tinker with computers liek I could in the past and I miss a good tinker.

Then I found linux. Linux is awesome. It’s fast and once you get your mind wrapped around the command line it’s even better. But like ChromeOS, I have tried all the different distros and apps and again , I’m bored with technology.

I’m hoping Windows will entertain me rather than frustrate me, and I have an older notebook computer to try it on so I am in the midst of installing it and once I have the OS installed I will see how I make out in this brave new world of Windows.

I have never used it for any length of time because Vista was horrible and the earlier versions were even worse, so this will be a first. To be honest, all I need is a browser and text editor and I’m off to the races but thsi will be fun to see if I enjoy the Windows OS experience over some other OS.