Windows NotePad. Mac Software Alternatives

I’m switching from Mac to PC.  I know that the usual consensus in the online community, especially in  the blogger community is to switch from PC to Mac and not the other way around,  but when I went shopping for a brand new notebook this fall I really couldn’t justify the cost of a brand new MacBook computer of any shape or size when you can buy a comparable Windows 7 notebook for considerably  less money.

I find that the work (and increasingly, my play time too)  I do with my computer is done in the cloud. I write in the cloud, check email in the cloud but there’s one area that I still use an application for and that’s a simple text editor. I don’t have a need for anything complicated and even Microsoft Office is too much.

On the PC the choice is notepad and it suits me just fine for simple text stuff. But what is the alternative text editor on the Mac?

Mac NotePad Alternatives

TextEdit is the default text editor on the Mac, but when you compare it to** Windows notepad** it seems like it’s a bit of a letdown and really really simple. Almost too simple.

Google Docs is a free text editor that’s worth a look – and I can recommend  that as well. Not only can you edit text, but you have a full office suite with Google docs too. And the best part – it’s all free.

One thing I do miss the most about text editing software for the Mac is BBEdit. This software is one of the more robust text editors out there for the Mac and if you do any sort of programming, web or otherwise  – this software is definitely worth a look.

If free text editing software is what you need, the good folks at Barebones software – the same people that are the creators of  BBEdit also offer Text Wrangler,  and this free text editing  software far surpasses any text editor for Mac or PC.

If you need a cloud based text editor that allows you to edit your files no matter where you are – Google Docs is the clear winner. But, if you prefer an Apple Application, TextWrangler is the best free text editing software for the Mac today.