Whole Home Intercom


We have at last count  3 google home mini’s, phones of both android and iOS persuasions and god knows how many apps like whatsapp and skype and whatever other apps all the cool kids are using these days. Also, there might very well be a tablet or computer within reach

Simply put, there’s a lot of ways to communicate for BW and I while home together.

Want to know what we use most? The floor.

A few studs, a piece of plywood and some laminate flooring are all that separate BW and I in the house as her office is directly above mine.

Her office is the bed.

My office is small corner in the basement.

So every night we both go our separate ways for a bit and she reads or browses on her phone and I  enjoy the quiet of the night under the glow of my 43 inch screen. Or at least, that’s the plan.

BW has realized that there’s just a bit of floor between us  and she is directly over my head. And you would be surprised how well you can hear each other. You would think we lived in a paper house it’s so clear.

Now that BW has this knowledge, she can use it to communicate( yell) with (at) me any time she wishes and I can’t claim not to hear her.