Who Has The Cheapest Memory?

**Cheapest Notebook Memory Prices


When shopping for ram, and in my experience in tracking ram prices for close to fifteen years I essentially answer one question each and every day: “Who has the cheapest memory?”

Cheapest Memory Upgrades

In an internet and smartphone driven world, it’s easy in 2011 to enter a search term and find what you are looking for and when shopping for memory upgrades, the memory store with the lowest price on ram usually gets the sale.

But low price does not mean good price sometimes, which is why I only track and monitor ram prices from memory vendors or memory stores that are actually reputable and stand behind the products they sell by offering a no questions asked warranty and friendly and reliable customer service. It’s long been my stance to just monitor the ram prices from these memory stores and not recommend one specific memory reseller over another. I do have an option to sort by ram price, which allows you to decide where you want to spend your money on ram upgrades and I do have a section on lowest ram prices where you can see the cheapest ram prices from all memory stores.

But it’s my opinion that Cheapest RAM and Best RAM are two different things: the cheapest ram is just that – the lowest priced generic memory you can buy. The best ram is the memory upgrade you buy from a store you are comfortable with and trust. This could be the Apple Store, (definitely not the cheapest memory) or any of the honest memory stores I list. If you want the cheapest RAM, go to craigslist or ebay or kijiji and find some ram. Maybe you’ll get a bargain, and maybe you won’t and the memory you buy will not work, shut down your computer or worse. But it was cheap, right?

Forget the cheapest memory and go with the best memory you can buy. You’ll be happier with your purchase over the long time you use and  own your desktop computer