Who Has The Best PC Memory Finder?

If you’re looking to buy RAM for any of the best selling computer brands, one of the easiest ways to get the right ram for your PC is to use what is called a PC Memory Finder. This could also be known as a PC memory configurator, or PC memory helper, or PC Memory Menu even, but essentially a tool to help you decipher memory upgrades, because for folks like you and me, getting the right ram for your Mac or PC can be sometimes tricky.

How a PC Memory Finder Works

You need to know just three things in order to use a PC Memory Finder and they are:

You computer brand. What brand of computer do you have? Dell? Apple? HP? Sony? Usually you select your computer brand and then continue to the next step.

Your Computer Model or Group. If you have an Apple MacBook Pro you would select MacBook Pro, for instance.

Your Computer Model Number or Name. Because computers come in sooo many sizes and shapes you need to know your computers model number. For Apple, that may be Apple MacBook Pro Retina Display Spring 2012, or a Dell Inspiron N5040, whatever you need to specify exactly what computer you need.

That’s it. Once you have these 3 pieces of information, you’re presented with a list of compatible memory upgrades and usually the vendor’s web page will supply other pertinent information in regards to your specific computer model – like how many memory slots your computer has, or how much the maximum ram your PC can use and recognize.

You then pick the right ram for your PC. I suggest buying the maximum memory for your PC to enhance performance to the maximum.

The Best PC Memory Finder

I like the PC Memory Finder at Crucial the best out off all the computer memory finders available online – not only do you get name brand memory upgrades with a gaurantee that the ram is the right ram for you computer, you also get recommendations for hard drives compatible with your computer too allowing you to upgrade the hard drive for your PC at the same time. A hard drive and ram upgrade is one way to extend the life of your current computer without having to buy a brand new computer which can be more expensive than upgrading the computer you already have.



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