Who Has The Best Memory Finder?

Memory Upgrade for the average user can be confusing to the average consumer. Sure, there’s propellor heads or those interested in technology and memory upgrades to know the difference between DDR2 and DDR3 SDRAM, but for the customer that does all their computer shopping at Best Buy the ram you need to buy for you notebook or desktop computer can become quite confusing.

That’s why the memory manufacturers and memory stores usually offer some tool online at their website to help you get the right memory upgrade. These tools can be called memory finders, or memory configurators or some other name but they essentially do the same thing and match your computer model with the RAM you need to buy. This is something you won’t find at one of the biggest memory store – Amazon. If you were searching for the best digital cameras you would find a tool to use but not for memory upgrades for your Mac or PC.

Most of the memory finders you will come across work as an online form and you choose your computer manufacturer, computer model, and finally – computer model name where the program redirects you to the proper ram upgrade for you computer. All you then have to do is place your memory upgrade order to complete your memory upgrade sale.

Of course, there’s other ways to find the right memory upgrade for your computer and another (and in my opinion, easier) way to get your ram upgrades is to just offer a search engine – you type in keywords and the search trys to match the memory to what you type. This has both advantages and disadvantages because if you fail to search correctly you may miss out on finding the right memory for your PC.

Lastly, one other way to find the correct memory upgrade is to download software to your PC or Mac that will scan your computer for the right memory for your notebook or desktop computer. Crucial Technology is one memory store that offers this method and also guarantees that your ram will be correct using this tool.

Sometimes a Memory Store may choose to specialize in one PC brand rather than trying to cater to every PC desktop and notebook ever made. Other World Computing comes to mind as an online store that has chosen to build sales and relationships with Apple Macintosh customers over PC users with Windows based machine.

Whatever method you choose, I suggest you use a memory finder to get the best deal on memory upgrades that are guaranteed to work with your computer model.

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