Which is Best? HP Desktop or Apple iMac?

I’m not really looking to start a Mac vs PC discussion with this post, but I was asked this today and of course I am completely biased, as I grew up with the Mac so I just learned to be a died in the wool Apple Mac user and fan. I’d pick the iMac, without a doubt.

But there’s lots of you out there that would disagree and one of the benefits over the Apple iMac when shopping for an all in one HP is that the HP computers sure are cheaper. The title of this article states HP desktop but to be fair I think a HP branded all in one computer needs to be compared to Apple’s all in one computer: the Apple iMac.

Best Price on Apple iMac

On the HP website, the cheapest HP branded (there’s a cheaper compaq computer but it’s not an HP) all in one PC is currently the HP Omni 100z series Standard features included Windows 7 premium 64 bit. AMD Athlon II processor running at 2.0GHz, 2GB of DDR3 1066 SDRAM, 500GB hard drive, 20 inch LCD display and a wireless card which should come as standard equipment on anything. Heck, my phone and many other cellular phones can use wi-fi. This HP computer sells for $449.00


On the Apple site, the cheapest Apple iMac you can buy is $1199.00 which even without digging deeper on the Apple iMac’s specifications you can tell that the iMac cost significantly more than the all in one offering from HP. You could buy close to three HP computers for the same price as the low end iMac.

The Apple iMac does ship with a bigger LCD display and comes with a faster processor running a 3.06 GHz using dual core i3 processors. The iMac also ships standard with twice as much RAM as the low priced HP computer and also includes wi-fi.

The Apple is also more compatible with most other Apple products, as it’s all in the family but the HP can connect to Apple iPods and the like too.

So the decision on what is the best might come down to budget. At just over $400, the HP computer sure is a bargain for an all in one computer. The iMac on the other hand has a bigger screen, faster processor and we won’t even get into comparing Apple vs Windows operating systems.

So. On a Budget? HP wins for a cheap all in one. If you want a Mac be prepared to spend considerably more but you get more speed in the form of ram and processor. The choice, ultimately is yours to make on whether you buy a HP desktop< or an Apple desktop computer.