Where's My Pantry?

Hey, Hi.

I haven’t been around the past few days due to illness. Mine. I’ll save you the gory details but thedog was not happy that she didn’t get walked one day and i was not very happy to be on the BRAT diet. But, that’s all over with and I’ll do my best to continue writing here and the dog got walked today so I guess we’re back in business.

But that isn’t what I want to write about today.

I want to write about the pantry. I think I have mentioned that there was a slim chance BW would have a pantry built in the kitchen by the time she got back. In fact the to-do list we made together looked something like this :

paint garage

paint deck

paint doors

caulk tub

clean fridge

and then at the bottom:

pantry? (note the question mark)

You see, I’m not very handy. Sure, I can wield a paint brush and run the vacuum around but there’s no way I can build walls. But, my friend G can and is willing to do do, except there are a few considerations:

G has a job. AND a side job which is really a full time job all in itself and a family with teenagers. Also, there’s a border between us. So it’s safe to say that to a large extent we’re at his mercy for all of this. It’s a full days work this project. (It would take me six days and sixteen trips to home depot - I had trouble enough with the bathtub)

All this to say we’re at G’s mercy when it comes to this project

Also, there’s really no rush for any of this.

Unless, You’re BW

You see, BW is not really good when it comes to being satisfied with where you are. There’s always something to do and it must be done now, even if the deadline is for away, or in this case really non-existent, and the Pantry project is the latest bee in her bonnet.

I’ve forgotten about this um, special trait of hers. It’s been a demand-free quiet month here for thedog and I. Sure, we’ve got a to-do list but we’ve been painting when the sun shines with no real schedule per se so we’ve forgotten about BW’s demanding ways charming personality.

But tonight I was reminded of her, um, personality.

For reasons unknown the past week or so we’ve been messaging via skype even though we have the technology we haven’t talked to each other via video. Until tonight.

So imagine my excitement to actually SEE BW and I waited with eagerness to see her beautiful smile and to hear her voice fill my lonely heart with those 3 magic words I had wanted to hear for so long:

“Where’s My Pantry?”

That sound you hear? It’s my heart breaking.


I tried to explain to her that it was out of my control, but to her G is my friend and so therefore I am in charge of all things pantry. And this must be done. NOW

Now, let me explain: There’s no real rush for the pantry. In fact there’s lots of things I think the house could use more than a pantry but I’m not a voting member here so there’s that. Sure, the kitchen will look a bit tidier and the counters a little cleaner but we’re living just fine pantry-less.

But BW wanted to talk about nothing else about the pantry.

In a way,I only have myself to blame. See, I told BW that G was coming this past weekend to build her a pantry. But, he ended up having a life that did not include a pantry and had to cancel. Fair enough. He offered to come earlier this week, but got stuck in traffic and the line at the border was 2 hours and then add to the fact I was starting my little adventure with the BRAT diet, G and I decided that BW doesn’t need a pantry that badly.

**I may live to regret this decision. **

PS: 8 more days til she’s home!