Where To Find QuickTime Download Software

One of the many issues I tend to have recently is that  in my move from Mac  to PC  – I know, I know –  but I just can’t find the money right now for a new 2012 MacBook Pro. RAM prices are not what they once were and in tough times, one has to cut costs. One way to do this is to buy a PC notebook instead of the Macs I am used  to as this switch to the dark side is much cheaper than buying a new Mac today.

Anyway, one are where the Mac just works, is with QuickTime software. When I would work on my Mac,  all I had to do would be to would  be to – just use my Mac, whereas the PC makes me stop and  think. Earlier today I had to stop what I was doing as QuickTime is not on my PC installed from the factory. This leaves me to have to stop and think** where can I find a QuickTime download**?

It  took me time to figure out if I really needed to install QuickTime, but then I figured I will need to download Quicktime eventually so I may as well do it while I am with an internet connection.

Download QuickTime 7

The download page directed me to the PC version, as I’m writing this on a PC and  at the  time of writing , version 7.7.1 is current for Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7 users.

Apple does require my email address,  and I think that’s a fair trade – I’m a registered Apple user already so they have my information anyway.  I’m essentially just repeating myself here. I figure an email address for free software is a fair trade.

My QuickTime Download experience went smoothly and installed on my windows 7 machine and now I can  use any software that requires the use of QuickTime software for PC.


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