Where to Buy the Best RAM for Desktop

Desktop memory, while not as popular a computer memory upgrade as it once might have been due to the popularity of notebooks, netbooks and even tablet computers such as the Apple iPad still can offer the most bang per computing dollar thanks to the design which in most cases, allow for faster processors, better cooling and larger displays than their portable counterparts.

Best Deal Mac Mini

Best Selling Desktop: The Apple Mac Mini

One of the best upgrades for a desktop computer (save perhaps for a processor) is to add more memory and fill your desktop computer with as much memory as possible – regardless of whether you built your own PC or are looking for more performance out of your factory desktop from computer manufacturers such as Apple, Dell, or HP.

One of the first things you need to do when shopping for the best desktop ram upgrades is to determine what specific memory you need. If on a PC, many if not all memory stores and manufacturers offer a simple to use memory configurator that allows you to enter your processor or desktop computer model number or name into a form and the correct memory specifications will be returned to you.

Another option for determining the best ram for your desktop is to download a simple application that scans your computer for information relating to your model name, processor speed and in most cases this application will return specific part numbers for your desktop PC when it comes to memory upgrade requirements. Crucial Technology is just one memory store that offers this easy to download memory upgrade configurator.

Once you have determined the memory upgrade you need, the next step is to find the best price on desktop ram and I can recommend more than a few memory stores that offer competitive pricing on desktop memory where you can save significantly when it comes time to upgrade your desktop PC.