Where To Buy Refurbished Apple Computers

best refurbished apple computers

<code>The first place you should check for a refurbished Mac is [Apple](http://www.apple.com)


One of the best ways to get deals on an Apple computer is to buy an Apple Refurbished Model vs buying a new Apple computer because you will save money on an Apple notebook or desktop and in most cases you will not be able to tell the difference between new or refurbished Apple computers.

This also applies to iPhones and iPads and even Apple accessories too because just because it’s not new doesn’t mean you can’t get a great deal on a previously Apple item regardless of what that may be. Here’s a few places to look for refurbished Apple computers.


This one is pretty obvious I think and in most cases I find that for the newer models especially or even the just discontinued Macs and iPads that the Apple Store itself tends to have some of the best prices on refurbished computers and you can be sure that these computers that ship from Apple are rerfurbished correctly. Heck, Apple even calls these Certified Refurbished and they come with free shipping and a one year warranty too making these the best deals on Mac products.

The savings depend on the model but expect the savings to be in the area of 15-20% off. Some examples of current refurbished deals are:

Refurbished 13.3 inch MacBook Pro for $929.00

Refurbished Mac Mini 2014 for $419.00

Refurbished MacBook Pro 15.4 inch for $1489.00

These deals come and go all the time but the three above are discounted about 15% off and still have a full one year warranty from Apple. It’s really hard to beat buying a refurbished product directly from Apple.



Amazon is also a good source for refurbished Mac computers due to the sheer size of the Amazon marketplace. Unlike Apple that tends to sell refurbished models that have been just discontinued or even current, the Amazon refurbished models are available on an entire lineup of Apple products regardless of year and are available from a vast array of vendors. If you need an older Mac and want to buy refurbished Amazon is a good place to check for deals.

Other World Computing

OWC has been in the business of serving the Apple community for over 25 years so there’s no hesitation on my part to suggest you check out not only their memory and ram upgrades for both new and used Apple products but also their selection of refurbished Apple products. At the time of writing this, Mac Mini models start at under699 with MacBook Air refurbished models available at just $519.00 and up. Inventory changes all the time at OWC when it comes to refurbished and used Macs so be sure to check regularly for the most current deals.

Mac of All Trades

Mac of All Trades is another store worth checking out if you’re in the market for a refurbished Mac to buy. In business for over 20 years this vendor specializes in used and refurbished Apple products and current examples of pricing include factory sealed MacBook Pro models for400.00

Mac Mall

MacMall is another place to check for refurbished Apple Macs and other items and like the other vendors above has been in business for years and years so you know you can get an Apple product you can save money on from a store you can trust. In addition to refurbished products MacMall always has a deal or two on new Macs too so be sure to check this out too


Of course, there’s also eBay and you might be able to find a deal on a used Mac that might be refurbished by either the factory or more likely sold as seller refurbished, meaning that the vendor bought the Macs in bulk and then cleaned them up or made any needed repairs . The disadvantage of the eBay vendors is that the experience can vary greatly between vendors and you really have to do your homework on buying used or refurbished Macs at auction. But, you can get some good deals and most every product is protected by eBay’s money back guarantee.

To summarize, I would check with Apple first to see if I can buy the Mac I want as a refurbished model, and if I could wait I would wait until the model I wanted to buy was in stock. Some refurbished models tend to sell very quickly – like Mac Mini’s so you might be out of luck when you want to buy one but if you are patient the products usually tend to show up again on the certified refurbished page so you still might be able to save about 15% or so on the Mac you want to buy.