Where To Buy RAM for Apple Mac Mini

I’ll start this article by offering advice on where not to buy Mac Mini RAM, and that’s from Apple directly. The good folks at Apple do a great job at making many great products and there’s no doubt that I’m an Apple fan, but when it comes to selling RAM, you will not find the cheapest ram at our favorite fruit company.

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Best Deal Mac Mini

Cheapest Apple Computer

Where you will find great deals on Mac Mini RAM to buy is right here as I have been tracking and monitoring memory prices since 1997 which is longer than well, anyone – and over the years I have created a chart which compares Apple Mac Mini RAM upgrades for whatever Mac Mini you are looking to upgrade:

The first Mac Mini requires PC27000 DDR RAM

The second series of Mac Mini uses PC5300 DDR SDRAM and is marketed as both Mac Mini memory upgrade kits or by individual Mac Mini PC5300 memory modules.

The latest and newest Apple Mac Minis to be released require DDR3 SDRAM and Mac Mini DDR3 memory and Mac Mini DDR3 memory upgrade kits are available to purchase for Apple’s smallest and cheapest Apple computer available today.

Now that we have determined the different Mac Mini models and what memory modules you will need to buy the next question is where to buy RAM for Apple Mac Mini? I compare ram prices from reputable memory stores only (and have for over 14 years) so you won’t find any shady memory resllers. What you will find is quality ram for your Mac Mini at competitive prices and all from Memory stores you can trust to deliver quality memory upgrades right to your door which you can install yourself thanks to instructions for Mac Mini memory installation directly from Apple.