Where To Buy Micron Technology RAM and Flash Memory Upgrades

Micron Technology has been manufacturing ram and more recently flash memory products since the early 1980’s and at one point actually sold micron branded memory upgrades. But in 2012, Micron Technology sells most of the memory and flash memory they manufacture under two brand names:

Crucial Technology

Crucial Technology is one of the best memory upgrade brands you can buy and have been selling memory upgrades online for over 15 years now (at least as long as I have been tracking and monitoring ram prices.

One of the main features of Crucial Technology is the number of tools they offer to help you get the right memory upgrade for your computer regardless of make or computer brand. Using either the memory configurator where you select the Make and Model of your computer, or the application you can download that scans your computer for the right memory upgrade for you Mac or PC.

Popular memory upgrades are just a mouse click away for Apple, Dell, HP and Sony computer memory upgrades

In recent times as demand for memory upgrades have declined, Crucial Technology have expanded their product line to include both traditional and solid state hard drives as the prices for solid state hard drives continue to drop it’s now possible and affordable to replace the standard hard drive in your notebook or desktop computer with a much faster solid state hard drive. In some cases, a SSD drive upgrade can cost less than $100.


Lexar is the flash technology site for Micron Technology. Where the Crucial Brand is all about desktop and notebook upgrades, Lexar offers flash memory common in digital camera memory and USB flash drives that have become a must have computer accessory for transferring data from one computer to another. Some of the more popular flash memory products from  Lexar include compact flash memory, micro SDHC memory, and USB flash drives with capacity up to 64GB available today.

Where to Buy Micron Technology Memory Products

Crucial Memory is available from Crucial Technology directly, or from Amazon

Lexar Memory is available from Amazon, Adorama or B+H Phot0