Where to Buy Memory for iMac?

I tend to pay more attention to the 2010 Apple iMacs, as that’s where you will get the most bang for your buck as the older iMacs might be so low in value that it’s not worth it to add more RAM to your iMac and you might be better off just selling your old iMac on eBay or Craigslist and buying a new iMac altogether if the memory upgrades end up costing you more than your Apple iMac is worth, it might be something to consider.

Which iMac Do You Need To Buy Memory For?Where to buy iMac memory depends on many variables including whether you value the best price on ram you can get, or maybe you don’t mind paying more for iMac RAM and are willing to spend more on name brand ram, such as Crucial or Kingston RAM. But whatever you decide – cheap RAM for iMac, or the more pricier stuff – there’s one thing you have to determine first and that is:

How To Tell What Apple iMac RAM You Need To Buy


Best iMac RAM on Sale

There’s many ways to do this and some memory sellers even offer a small application you can download that will help you find the right iMac Memory you need, or if you know the speed of the computer you need to upgrade you may have enough info to use the memory configurator the ram stores offer.

One way to determine what RAM you need to buy for any Mac, and not just Apple iMacs is to use the good old Apple Menu to tell you: In the top left corner of your Mac is About This Mac, and when you select this menu item a window pops up that tells me what speed my current iMac is running at:

An example, although not an Apple iMac is my MacBook Pro which uses 1066 DDR3 SDRAM DIMMS:

You will see I am using a 2.4Ghz MacBook Pro that already has 4GB  of DDR3 RAM installed which is in this case, the maximum RAM I can run, but also  you now have the processor speed  and memory type and speed for your Apple computer.

Where to Buy Apple  iMac RAM

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Armed with this information you’re now ready to shop at any number of memory stores where you can use the search function or memory configurator functions to find the right memory upgrades for your Apple iMac, as you now know what speed your iMac runs at as well as how fast the RAM  is for your iMac – two critical factors to determine when buying RAM for iMac.