Where To Buy Memory Cards for Digital Cameras

Memory cards for digital cameras. If you don’t have one(or more) you are dead in the water and your fancy digital camera might as well be a door stop, or conversation piece for your coffee table. A digital camera memory card is to a digital camera or DSLR, what a roll of film or kodachrome (RIP) was to film cameras back in the day.

What Kind of Memory Cards for Digital Cameras Do I Need? 

For most of us memory cards for cameras in 2012 come in two different forms: compact flash and SDHC memory cards. The former tend to be used with higher end DSLR’s (My Nikon D300 takes compact flash) while the latter is mostly used in compact or more consumer based DSLR’s. One of the benefits of the SDHC cards over the compact flash is that they tend to be more compatible with other devices too and there’s a good chance your notebook Mac or PC will include a SDHC memory card reader built into the notebook, avoiding the need to use or carry an external memory card reader.

There are a few memory card types from Sony that tend to be less mainstream – their memorystick technology never really took the world by storm and it’s too soon to see if the Sony XQD technology will become mainstream. Right now, this is a very expensive memory card.

What About Memory Card Speed?

Like a lot of things in the technology world – the faster the better, and this applies to memory cards too as the faster the card the faster your camera can write the file to the card and is ready to take the next shot. The last thing you want to do is be left waiting while your memory card writes your file(s) to your memory card. Common speeds are 45Mb/s for SDHC memory cards and 30 to 90 MB/s for compact flash memory cards.

What Size of Memory Card Should I Buy For My Digital Camera?

I like to buy the biggest memory card I can buy for the best price I can find online. This may require some time and patience but you can get some really good deals on camera memory if you shop around. I tend to shoot JPEG vs RAW so my space requirements are much less than a RAW shooter with a high megapixel digital camera. I have an 8GB card in my Nikon D300 that’s been just fine for years, and I have never run out of room.

Where To Buy Memory Cards for Digital Cameras 

I like Amazon for lots of memory cards due to the fact that I have an Amazon Prime membership, so shipping is fast and free, but you should also check Adorama and** B+H** for Digital Camera memory cards too as they often feature deals on memory cards as well from time to time too.