Where To Buy iMac RAM

The iMacs in 2012 are becoming one of the most popular Apple desktops to be released this year for a few reasons: First, the design is even slimmer for the new Apple iMacs vs the 2011 Apple iMacs, and secondly you can upgrade some of the higher end iMac models all the way to 32GB, which is double the ram capacity for older iMacs from laster year. The ram upgrade chart for the current iMacs look like this:

2.7GHz Apple iMac 21.5 inch Screen

This iMac ships from the factory with just 8GB of ram installed (4GBX2), but you can max out the ram on this iMac model and I suggest you do because iMac ram is so cheap this year.

2.9GHz Apple iMac 21.5 inch Screen

This iMac is the same specifications when it comes to memory – you still start with 8GB of iMac ram from Apple, but you can max out the ram on this iMac to 16GB

2.9GHz Apple iMac 27 inch Screen

If you cough up big money for the 27 inches of screen real estate, you not only get a bigger display, you also get more memory capacity – but if you add 8GB of ram x 4 you can max out the memory on the new Apple iMacs all the way to 32GB of RAM – one of the first Apple iMacs able to accept 32GB of RAM

3.2GHz Apple iMac 27 inch Screen

The fastest Apple iMac also requires the same ram as the other 27 inch Apple computer and will also accept 32GB of ram in the four memory upgrade slots the Apple iMac has.

Where To Buy iMac RAM

All of the Apple iMac models above require the newest in Apple memory technology  – and that’s DDR3 1600Mhz sodimms.  The sodimms are considered notebook ram but the iMac, despite the desktop form factor does require the smaller sodimm for notebook compters vs the SDRAM DIMM designed for desktops computers.

The prices for iMac RAM continue to drop over the years and in fact the memory for iMacs have been the best deal I have ever seen on Apple iMac memory. Below are the best prices on iMac RAM and the memory stores where you can buy iMac RAM.

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