Where To Buy iMac Memory

Screenshot 2015-03-13 at 1.36.42 PMThe Apple iMac might just be the best Mac to add more RAM too because it’s the only affordable desktop Mac that you can upgrade to 32GB. Unlike the MacBook Pro models that currently max out at 16Gb, the newer Apple iMac models can accept up to 32GB of RAM. See my chart to see if your iMac can add that much ram, and if it can be sure to max out your RAM.

You will need to buy at least one 16GB RAM Upgrade kit for Apple iMac to get to the 32GB maximum. This depends on what your iMac shipped with from the factory. If you already have 16Gb of RAM you can just add another 16GB to get to the 32GB Max. Here’s a suggestion for an iMac 16GB RAM upgrade:

This ram upgrade will work in the newest 5K retina iMac as well as some other models too from 2010 to 2013 as well so again, be sure to check my iMac ram compatibility chart to see how much RAM you can handle.

Don’t forget that if you need to replace the iMac ram you already have that you can trade ram in and get the ram even cheaper. There’s not a whole lot of memory stores that accept ram trades for older Macs but some do and it’s worth it to check it out if you’re not going to used the pulled ram when you upgrade.

My usual list of where to buy iMac RAM also applies to other Apple models too because in most cases if you have a relatively modern Mac from say the last 3 years or so, they all take the same memory upgrade so this advice on where to buy ram for iMac could also apply to MacBook Pro ram and Mac Mini Ram too because it’s all the same and the only difference is how much ram they can take


iMac Memory Upgrade Stores

The ram upgrade I Articles to above is a memory upgrade from Amazon and it’s made by Crucial. Both the store or the brand don’t need an introduction and if you’re in the market to buy crucial ram over some other brand I find that the best prices for Crucial ram are from Amazon, and even though Crucial has their own online store you will tend to pay more there vs Amazon.


Despite the fact that you can usually get a better deal from Amazon then you can from the Crucial store, the advantage of the Crucial store is their help in getting you the right ram. With Amazon (and to an extent some other vendors) you have to know what you are looking for but with Crucial there are numerous ways to find the right ram for your Apple iMac: You can use an Apple memory configurator or you can even download a little program you can run on your iMac that will tell you exactly how much and what type of RAM you need.


Other World Computing needs no introduction to the Apple community and has been selling ram for iMacs since Day One of the first iMac release. OWC offers an easy to navigate site that makes it easy to find the right ram for your iMac and offers help in finding exactly what model of iMac you have as well as installation videos to help you upgrade the iMac ram yourself.

Data Memory Systems

Another memory upgrade store that’s been around for a very long time is Data Memory Systems and they offer ram for each and every Apple iMac model too. I find pricing to be very competitive and in most cases this memory upgrade store has some of best prices on iMac RAM at times.


Billed as the World’s Largest Memory Store MemoryX boasts to have the biggest memory selection and they just might be right. You should have no problem finding a ram upgrade for each and every iMac made – or any other Apple product you might want to add a memory upgrade to.

These are just a few of the best places to buy ram for Apple iMacs – regardless of year made.