Where To Buy Corsair RAM


<code>Corsair RAM is a really good value


Corsair RAM has been around for at least as long as I have been tracking memory prices, if not longer and you can buy Corsair RAM directly at Corsair.com or from third party websites and memory resllers such as Amazon and others.

Corsair Memory Products

Corsair ram comes in a variety of different memory types, sizes and speeds as well as selling hard drives and other PC related products such as PC cases, cooling supplies and USB flash drives, but I want to first look at the different Corsair Memory Types. Corsair memory is offered in five main computer memory types:

Intel Memory Upgrades

AMD Memory Upgrades

Mac Memory Upgrades

Notebook Memory Upgrades

These main memory types from Corsair  are also available for sale for any budget from budget memory upgrades to the most advanced memory technology available today. The Corsair memory upgrade categories are:

Dominator Platinum




Value Select

Where to Buy Corsair Memory Upgrades

Corsair memory is offered directly from the company (a bit pricey, if you ask me) and like pretty much all memory stores offers an easy to use shopping cart as well as a memory configurator to help you order the correct RAM for your notebook or PC. Corsair calls their configurator the Corsair Memory Finder. But if you want the best deal on Corsair memory I suggest you check Amazon for cheaper prices on Corsair ram than you could buy from the factory direct. There have even been times where there has been a rebate coupon for Corsair memory that increases the savings even more. Below are som of the best selling Corsair Memory Upgrades on sale today: