Where To Buy Cheap Memory Sticks

Best Prices on Mac RAMFirst, I need to determine what you need to buy before I can help further. “Memory Sticks” could be considered RAM memory modules, or they also could be understood as USB drives  or sometimes known as flash sticks too.

Cheap Memory From Amazon

In this case, I am going to assume you need to buy cheap memory modules. There are many memory stores willing to help you with getting the right ram for your desktop or notebook computer, but I am finding of late that when shopping for RAM, one of the best places to buy memory upgrades or menory sticks, if you prefer – is from Amazon.

Over the years, Amazon has grown from selling  not only books but also computers and computer memory too and often times the ram you buy at Amazon is cheaper than even if you were to buy it  from the memory anufacturer directly.

An example, would be 8GB RAM for notebook computers –  one of the best selling memory upgrades in 2012 thanks to the fact that most 2012 notebooks on sale come from the factory direct with 4GB of DDR3 ram, so to double the ram in your notebook computer, you will need to add another 4GB of RAM by buying two memory modules. Due to size and space limitations most notebooks come with just  two ram upgrade slots to install the RAM into, which leaves you to replace the RAM you already have installed with larger memory modules and this is in the form of an 8GB DDR3 memory upgrade KIT.

If you compare the prices on DDR3 memory sticks, you will see that in most instances, it’s hard to beat the lowest price on RAM from Amazon:

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