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**Cheap Apple iMacs at Amazon.


I like to shop.

I especially like to shop for stuff I’m interested in be it home audio, photography or my favorite: Apple computers. But I also hate to pay full load when I don’t have to. In fact, that’s how ramseeker was born. I read in a forum about how nobody could find a fair price on memory and how Apple charged too much for ram. (they do).

I had seen some great memory prices while surfing the web from Crucial, 18004Memory, etc and  a website was born on helping you get a good deal on Apple Memory.

And I do the same thing for Apple iMacs when I am ready to buy a new Apple computer, and over the years again I have found just like the memory prices, you can get  a better deal on a new  iMac if you don’t  buy the Apple iMac directly from Apple as Apple will charge you full list price. Granted, Apple does offer  some deals on refurbished Macs and that’s great but I’m talking about where to buy an iMac cheaper than what Apple charges.

Oddly enough, Apple allows discounts on Apple iMacs from other computer stores and that’s why it’s possible to get a better price on an  iMac at Amazon than it is if you would buy the Apple iMac from Apple. Sometimes Apple will offer rebates and other promotions such as the back to school program recently offered but for the most part when you buy from Apple you’re paying full pop day in and day out.

Deals on Apple iMacs happen all the time and a few stores you should check out for iMac deals I have listed below. Some, such as MacMall will throw in free software such as Parallels to sweeten the deal but also allow you to run windows software on your Apple iMac or  in some cases you can get a free printer with your  new Apple iMac too.  If you spend  an hour searching for the best Apple iMac prices online you could save ten percent or even higher on your new Apple iMac computer purchase.

**Best Apple iMac Stores: **



Best Buy


These are but a few stores where you can get a better deal on an iMac than paying full price from an Apple iMac. You’re just ordering a box with your credit card so it’s my opinion that as long as the warranty will still be honored in the rare case I do have an iMac problem,  I don’t care where the Apple iMac comes  from.

Now, don’t go thinking you’ll get a half price iMac or anything like that, because you won’t. Apple restricts resellers to display the MAP  (minimum advertised price) on Apple iMacs and that’s why when you shop for an iMac you may see the price displayed at these stores to be the same price as what Apple charges. The only way to get around this restriction is to add the iMac to your shopping cart  (don’t worry, you can remove it later) to see the lowest price from these online stores. It’s a bit confusing and some stores do  a horrible job at explaining how all this works and probably lose sales on Apple products because of it, while other store  do a great job of explaining why you need to add the iMac to your cart to get the best price.

Adding the iMac to a shopping cart is not complicated as it’s just one click and you could save as much as ten percent on a new iMac. Add the freebies places like MacMall add to the iMac deal and your total savings on a brand new iMac could be almost a couple hundred bucks. I think that saving over $100 on a brand new Apple iMac is worth the effort of a half hour or so to do some research on getting the best iMac deal you can find.

Of course, once you buy an iMac, you need to fill it with RAM for the best performance, and if you buy RAM from the cheapest memory stores, you won’t get hosed on a ram upgrade. Whatever you do, don’t buy Apple RAM as its’outrageously overpriced. You can find much better deals on RAM for Apple iMacs  below:

Cheap Apple iMac RAM

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