Where To Buy a 4GB RAM Stick

They’re usually not called ‘ram sticks’ and more commonly known as memory modules or ram upgrades but whatever you call them there’s a very good chance that if you’re looking to upgrade your ram for either your desktop computer or notebook or laptop you need to buy 4GB of RAM . Heck you may even need to buy two 4gb memory modules to max out the memory on your Mac or PC.

I’m showing my age here, but I remember when 1-800-4-Memory first released 1GB ram (for the iBook maybe, I can’t remember) and the price for 1GB of RAM at that time was over $2000. I thought for certain it was a typo because even though ram upgrades were much more expensive back then two thousand dollars for a memory upgrade seemed almost criminal.

Now, you can buy 4GB of RAM for about twenty dollars – a fraction of that price and 4x the memory capacity too.

This goes to show you how cheap you can buy a 4GB RAM stick this year as opposed to just a few years ago when 8GB of RAM would cost more than the machine it was going into. It’s different times indeed.

If you’re in the market for 4GB of ram you may want to have a look at 16GB of ram for your Mac or PC too as some computer manufacturers offer the ability to max out your machine at 16GB. On desktop computers, this isn’t that big of a deal as they usually offer 4 or more memory upgrade slots to allow for 4GBx4 ram upgrades, but for notebooks the 16GB usually has to happen by using two 8GB memory modules and you will in most cases have to replace the factory ram too with the bigger 8GB ram upgrades.

For the best prices on 4GB RAM, notebook memory seems to be the most popular and with some notebooks under $400 you want to be sure you get a good deal on RAM too.

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