Where to Buy 8GB of RAM

Where to Buy 8GB of RAM

If you’re shopping online for 8GB of RAM there are loads of memory shops, stores,vendors whatever you wan to call them that will be more than happy to sell you 8GB of RAM.

But you should do your homework first. You might think it’s the best idea to shop for the lowest priced RAM but sometimes, not always – this is not the best way to buy ram as yes, price is king for RAM or anything else but memory is pretty advanced stuff. It’s not like  you’re buying a cup of coffee here. You’re buying what was once thought of impossible:8GB of memory for a very competitive price regardless of you who you end up buying RAM from and it wouldn’t hurt you to do some smart shopping and buy RAM from someobody who knows the business and what RAM you need for your computer.

Cheapest MacBook Pro 8GB

8GB MacBook Pro RAM


There are thousands and thousands of different computer models out there and each and every one  of them could benefit from a memory upgrade but some won’t even accept the 8GB  memory so that’s the first thing you need to know: How much RAM can your computer handle?

Next, will your OS recognize  the RAM. If you’re running an older version of windows or even the latest windows 7 be sure to check and be sure you can use and benefit from an 8GB RAM upgrade as you’re just throwing your money away if your computer won’t acknowledge the memory upgrade in the first place.

Once you’ve got those two things solved, you need to decide on  what’s important to you when shopping for RAM. Are you on a budget and the only way  you can  upgrade your memory is if you buy the cheapest RAM, or do you have a few more dollars to spend on brand name ram vs generic ram. Brand name RAM might be no better than generic, but for some it’s important to know that their memory came from a specific supplier as opposed to some that are nothing more than ram resellers.

How about customer service?  If you’re a programmer or IT specialist or even just an advanced hobbyist than you probably know your way around a memory upgrade and you probably have a favorite place to buy ram already and don’t care about customer service.

But if you’re new to computers and wouldn’t mind a bit of help with the memory upgrades both in the pre-sale and after sale  support you might be better off buying your 8GB RAM from somebody who offers the support you need.

Now that we have all our options and preferences when it comes to buying ram online (or even in store) we can go shopping for 8GB RAM. I suggest you buy 8GB of RAM from the following memory vendors:

Crucial Technology


Memory X



Memory To Go

Other World Computing

These memory suppliers, or stores have been in business for over ten years, some closer to twenty and all will support you both in offering the best price on 8GB of RAM regardless of whether you are shopping for ram for Apple, Dell, HP or Sony Computers to name a few, the above listed memory sellers will help you get the right 8GB ram for the best price.

Good luck shopping for 8GB of RAM Memory