Where Can I Sell Old RAM?

If you buy any new computer, regardless of make or brand  – be it a Dell, Apple, HP or other computer manufacturer when it comes time to upgrade your notebook or desktop computer you usually have to replace the factory installed memory upgrade with larger sized memory upgrade modules to add more memory to your computer

Unless you buy your computer direct from the factory and with the maximum memory installed you will want to, or need to replace your memory that is already in your computer for a larger memory upgrade chip. One way to offset the cost of  a memory upgrade for your computer is to sell the factory ram to a memory reseller or manufacturer where they can still use the parts and individual chips on the memory board for the manufacture of larger memory upgrades in the future.

This leaves you asking:** “where can I sell old RAM”? **and it’s a good question as some, not all memory manufacturers will buy back your memory but I do know of a few placesa that will be happy to buy your RAM that was previously installed in your computer:

Sell the RAM yourself. This could effectively gain you the highest price possible if you were to decide to sell old ram in this manner. Ebay and Craigslist are two such websites where you could get paid cash for your old memory or ram upgrades

**Sell the RAM back to the computer memory manufacturer **at the same time as you buy new ram. Essentially working the same way as trade-in on a car purchase works, you trade in your old ram and use the funds from the old ram against your new memory buy.

 **Sell the RAM back to a memory store or manufacturer that is different **from where you buy your new memory upgrades