Where Can I Buy a 2.5 inch Hard Drive for Under $50.00 USD

One of the best things about technology is that sooner or later everything becomes affordable and one area where this is especially true is when it comes to hard drive technology. What once was unreachable for the average consumer is now available on sale for under $50.00 depending on the size of the hard drive you are shopping for.

First, we have to determine whether you need an internal 2.5 inch hard drive or an external 2.5 inch hard drive because in most cases they have different uses. Internal 2.5 inch hard drives usually are available as SATA hard drives and are designed to fit in notebook computers, netbooks or some small desktop computers like nettop desktop computers. You may even find a 2.5 inch hard drive in older Apple TV models too.

External 2.5 inch hard drives, are, as the name implies designed to be connected to your computer externally. In most instances, the only difference between an internal hard drive and an external hard drive is that the small portable external hard drives tend to be powered by an USB port and are compatible with Macs or PCs via the USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 port. External 2.5 inch hard drives are the perfect solution for small and portable storage when need to move files from computer to computer or just need extra room for your music, files, photos or movies to be stored. External 2.5 inch hard drives are also a perfect solution as a backup drive too.

**Where to Buy Under $50.00 2.5 inch Hard Drives. **

One of the first places I check for hard drives of any size is at Amazon, as the prices tend to be the lowest and there’s always a hard drive on sale. Another place to check for hard drive deals is Crucial, as they too – after years of selling memory upgrades have ventured into the hard drive arena as well. I find that Amazon is my go-to for anything and not just hard drives and I have found it’s really hard to beat their price when it comes to finding the best 2.5 inch hard drive for the best price.

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