When Will The MacBook Pro 2012 Release Date Be?

is the MacBook air the best deal on a mac notebook?**

June 2012 – Finally after what seemed like an eternal wait for new 2012 Apple MacBooks, they have arrived!


The Apple MacBook Air is the Mac Portable To Buy in 2011 as we wait for the release of the 2012 MacBook Pro

It’s October already as I write this and if it were earlier this spring, I would have said that hands down, buy a new MacBook Pro today as they are fast and well designed notebook computers featuring fast processors. And with the capability, unofficially at least  – to accept  16GB of RAM.

The biggest question you may have had back then earlier in 2011 was which MacBook Pro Do I Buy? With 5 different models of MacBook Pros, such as the cheapest MacBook Pro out of the bunch, the 13inch MBP to the desktop replacement 17 inch MacBook Pros these new Apple notebooks came in enough different sizes and  price points that there would be a MacBook Pro for every need.

And then time slipped by and this summer we saw the release of  new Apple iMacs in May, the MacBook Air refresh in July, and the Mac Mini update happening in July too.  And suddenly, the once fast and fresh MacBook Pros lost a little bit of their lustre.

If you need to buy a Mac Desktop computer, the Mac Mini is the cheapest Mac you’ll see this year and is fast enough for most every day calculations, and even with the added cost of a monitor and keyboard and mouse, the Apple Mac Mini is still cheaper than an Apple iMac.

Then there’s the MacBook Air models, and  if you’re in the market for  a new MacBook Pro, you may want to consider these lightweight and fast notebooks instead of buying a MacBook Pro as they are currently the lightest and fastest notebook you can buy from Apple.

But what if you don’t want to buy a desktop Mac, as you need something portable and the MacBook Pros that were released in 2011 are looking a little dated.  This leaves you with three choices:

Buy a 2011 Apple MacBook Pro

Wait for the 2012 Apple MacBook Pro to be released.

Buy a 2011 Apple MacBook Air.

I can’t really recommend that you buy a brand new MBP today as the new 2012 MacBook Pros are probably right around the corner with release dates rumored to be as early as  this fall, but my guess is you’ll see a completely new MacBook Pro in 2012 that offers a new look (kiss the CD player goodbye), less weight with more RAM and SSD solid state drives as standard.

History has showed us over the past decade that January at MacWorld has been the release dates for previous generations of Apple Pro notebook models with a few refreshes in the fall, but my guess is that the MacBook Pros will not been until the new  year in 2012. Apple has just released a brand new Apple iPhone and iPod lineup, and a new iCloud and iOS is in the works this fall as well. They have more than enough products that are current to separate you from your money. The new MBP’s can wait until the new year.

Apple has relied on essentially the same design for their MacBook Pro and yes, they have made improvements in screen technology and thunderbolt parts, but it’s my opinion that the newer MacBook Pro versions will be souped up MacBook Air models.

One thought would be to offer a 13 inch and 15 inch MacBook Pro with faster processors and more RAM than the air models and leave the 17 inch MBP design alone, as this Apple notebook is often used as a desktop replacement  where one may need a CD Drive and all the ports you can muster.

All this to say: If you’re asking  when is a good time to buy  a MacBook Pro, now  is not the time. I would wait and see what the 2012 MacBook Pro models look like before you buy a Mac notebook in 2011. If you need to buy a new Mac notebook today, you might be better off  with the MacBook Air and then replace the Air with the new MacBook Pro from 2012 when the time comes if you feel the need to upgrade.

I do know I will be writing on my 2008 MacBook Pro until I see what Apple has in store for us for 2012. I don’t think that buying a 2011 MacBook Pro is a good deal right now.