When Will The iMac 2012 Release Date Be?

Boy, if there’s one theme for 2012 when it comes to releases of new Apple computers, one word comes to mind and that’s stingy. In recent years we would have had at very least two different models released this year from Apple – more if you consider items like the Apple iPad too.

This time last year, we saw new MacBook Pros in Feb 2011, new Apple iMacs in May 2011 and new Apple Mac Minis in July 2011. Yet here it is at August 2012 and the only new model from Apple is the new MacBook Pro’s (and Air’s too) but for the most part – with the exception of the Apple MacBook Pro Retina Display – all the others considered new are really just the same old notebooks from Apple with faster graphics cards and processors and USB 3.0 ports.

The last release date for the iMac was in May 2011, so we’re long overdue for a new consumer desktop of some sort – even if it’s not an iMac, there’s a lot of us who are chained to their desk much more than some other road warriors, and we don’t need to pay the portable tax of more money for a smaller screen and battery power we don’t use when we would much rather appreciate a large display and more comfortable ergonomics a desktop system provides.

That’s a long time between iMac releases and I’m surprised that Apple hasn’t offered up a new iMac for the summer 2012 back to school crowd, or maybe they’re trying to get this market into their portable notebooks like the MacBook Air or MacBook Pro which probably offer a bigger profit margin.

I’m going to guess we will not see an iMac release in August as everybody is on holiday and it’s way too late to catch the back to school market now. This leaves us with September or October. By then, 90+ days will have passed on the MacBook Pro release date and history shows us that Apple tends to save the fall for the iPods as these are the hottest holiday electronics gift for the holidays year after year.

We may have to wait until January 2013 to see an new Apple iMac, and my guess is it will be something revolutionary – like the release of the MacBook Pro Retina Display was for the aging MacBook Pro line. The iMac has essentially been unchanged for years now and for most of us you would be hard pressed to tell one year from another at first glance when comparing iMac models, so it would be very refreshing to see not only a new and improved iMac but also a completely new design too.

My totally uneducated guess is Apple will wait until the new year the iMac release date. They alreada have a bunch of really great products to get them through the remainder of 2012 and I think they should concentrate their efforts on future products that offer more for Apple and their bottom line.

As far as computing technology goes an Apple Desktop of any kind is far from cutting edge in 2012 as more and more of us migrate to using portables, tablets and even smartphones.