When Will The 2012 Mac Mini Release Date Be?

I am writing this on a** 2011 Apple Mac Mini. It’s the higher end model, and my wife works with the lower end model too. We’re a Mac Mini family. But both of these apple Mac Minis were released in 2011, not this year – and that means they are a year old now, out of warranty and slowly becoming obsolete. We would love to buy new Apple Mac Mini’s but there’s one problem. Apple has not released them yet. The only brand new Apple computer we have seen is the **MacBook Pro Retina display, and even that model is a few months old now

When I think the Mac Mini Release Date Will Be

The Apple Mac Mini is one of the more popular computers due to the fact that they are the cheapest Apple Mac you can buy. They are not the Apple computer under $500, but they are close. If you shop around you can buy a Mac Mini for a small discount  – about $35.00 on Amazon, MacMall or** Best Buy** for even less than the Apple Store charges. And speaking of the Apple Store, one way to get a cheap Mac Mini is to check the refurbished Apple Mac Mini section on the Apple Store online. It’s hit and miss with stock, but if you’re willing to wait this is the only way to buy a Mac under $500.00.

Another reason for the popularity of the Mac MIni is the fact that these make excellent home theater or audio servers. You don’t need fancy software of any kind. All you need is the free iTunes and some sort of wireless connector for your TV or stereo – usually in the form of an airport express or Apple TV. You don’t need a monitor once you’ve got the Mac Mini set up for serving your movie and music files and you can control the Mac Mini via your Apple iPhone thanks to the free Apple remote software.

All this said, there’s more than one computer from Apple we’re waiting for we haven’t seen a release date for the iMac either yet, or the Mac Pro yet too. All the rumors for the Mac Pro seem to state 2013 for it, but we could see a brand new Apple iMac release as early as September 2012. We’re already into the end of August, so that doesn ‘t leave much time and Apple usually refreshes the iPod line in the fall too to grab a good share of the holiday shopping season. We might even see an iPad 4 by the end of the year too.

So when to squeeze a Mac Mini release into all that? The Mac Mini would be a better choice than a new iMac release due to the cost and use as a media servier so I think that this will come first. When, I have no idea but my guess would be either late fall or early in January 2013 we should see a faster processor (probably the same as the MacBook Pro’s) and probably a ram increase too to 8GB of RAM with a maximum of 16GB for the Mac Mini instead of the current 8GB maximum Apple recommends.

Of course, I could be wrong with all of this and Apple could wait until later in 2013 and continue to sell the best selling computer in their lineup, the MacBook Pro and MacBook Air, as these are 2012 Apple computers already. Like a lot of things in life, only time will tell when the final release date for the Apple Mac Mini will be.