When Will Apple Release an iMac Update in 2012?

I wonder, is this the end of the Apple iMac?  I hope not, as the Apple iMac is one of the best selling desktop computers in the past from Apple, but with the release of the iPad, new MacBook Pro’s rumored to be released soon, and the fact that lightweight ultrabooks and even smartphones are more popular than ever before I wonder how, and more importantly when Apple will release new Apple iMac computers in 2012?

The current 2011 Apple iMac models saw a release date back in May, meaning as we enter a new year, the once new iMac isn’t so high tech anymore and I am hoping for the 2012 iMac to  be released with the following features:

Touch Screen iMac . The iPad has touch input, and so does the iPhone, so  why not the 2012 iMac?  I wonder how much  of a feature this would be used on a desktop computer? Would it be beneficial to be able to use a touch screen iMac for the everyman? (and woman). One thing I think that would be beneficial for a touch screen iMac would be for shopping and scrolling, and I bet the graphics community would love to be able to use a finger instead of a mouse.

More Memory. The ram on the iMac for 2011 is already at a respectable 16GB, but I predict that by the end of the yea 16GB for iMac willl be the norm, and  32GB would allow for future expandability.

Faster Processors. The iMac could replace the Mac Pro entirely if the processor speed, ram and hard drive specifications would increase. We haven’t seen a Mac Pro update in ages and in fact, it’s been so long that I wonder is there will be a brand new Mac Pro at all or will Apple rely on the Pro notebook lineup for all their professional customers.

Flatter screen. If Apple can make a notebook that only weighs a few pounds, surely they can make the iMac better looking. It’s still a pretty thin machine, but the current iMac design needs  a refresh.

**5. Bigger Screen **This is another possibility.  With LED prices continuosly dropping, it would make perfect sense for a 32 inch iMac that doubles as a TV. and offers built in TV capabilities –  something like Google TV where you could  use the iMac as your media center, and not just the hub.

When  will the 2012 Apple iMac Release Date Be?

The  last time we saw a completely new iMac design is last May, and I can’t expect that we will see a new Apple iMac before May 2012. There’s a very good chance for a brand new MacBook Pro  to be released in 2012. Then  there’s the iPad and early spring tends to be the time for iPad releases. The iPhone has historically been released in the summertime and then we’re into the fall for iPod releases or other surprises from Apple for the holiday shopping season. This leaves **May 2012 to be a very good chance to see a new iMac release in 2012 **and would be one year from the release of the 2011 Apple iMac. – a good time to replace the 2011 Apple iMac with a newer 2012 iMac.