When To Buy an iMac in 2012?

First, I want to say that considering we are in the last bit of 2011 and the last iMac refresh was in May, (MacBook Pros for 2011 were just released in  October) I would **wait to buy an iMac right now **as there’s a very good chance we’ll see new iMacs models released  in 2012.

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Is 2012 The  End of the iMac?

Over the years, notebooks and now tablets have become increasingly popular so the one question I have to ask is will there even be an Apple  iMac  in 2012?  The iPad in a way has all but replaced the iMac except for two important options :

screen size. A 27 inch iPad would be pretty heavy  (and expensive)

Full size keyboard. You can’t touch type on a tablet. You could possibly connect a third party keyboard to an Apple iPad, but then you really have something that resembles a notebook or MacBook Air mor than a tablet.

I know that having a big screen can be more beneficial than having a faster processor (as I type this, I have 87% of my processor doing nothing at all) The iMac is/was a success due to the design over all else. That all in one design is attractive and cable free. This can’t be overlooked when marketing to the small office or home  computer crowd.

Wait and See. 

As I write this,  the iMac has been a current model for over six months –  a lifetime when talking about computers. Apple’s release schedule  has been pretty much spot on the past  few years – new iMacs in early spring and maybe an iPad, early winter for  notebooks, and fall for the iPod and holiday shopping market.  I can see a  new iMac in about May 2012,  so  if you  can wait to buy a new Apple iMac,  I would  – if for no other reason to see what Apple does next.

Both the Apple iMac and MacBook Pro lines are in need of a makeover and Apple is rumored to make the MacBook Pro of 2012 more like the MacBook Air, and  the design on the  iMac has been the same for so long I wonder if Apple will release a brand new desktop computer in the summer of 2012?

Only time will tell of course, but I would think it  would be wise to hold off until summer 2012 if you can to  see what the new or replacement iMacs end up looking like. I think the wait will be worth it.