What RAM Do I Need for Apple iMac?

One of the best ways to find out exactly what ram you need for your iMac is to use a memory configurator to get the best ram prices for iMac that you know will work. You also don’t have to guess with charts and tables either. All you have to do is choose your brand (Apple, obviously) what Apple iMac you have (2010, 2012, processor speed, screen size ) and the memory configurator will then tell you exactly what RAM you need to buy for your Apple iMac.

2012 Apple iMac RAM Types 

The 2012 iMacs were just released in late October 2012 and now join the MacBook Pro models and the Mac Mini as using the much faster DDR3 1600Mhz sodimms. This is the fastest iMac RAM you can buy today.

Where to Buy RAM for 2012 Apple iMac 

You can buy ram for iMac from pretty much any store that will sell and stock ddr3 1600mhz sodimms, but I suggest you buy RAM from the following memory stores for memory for the new Apple iMacs. One thing to note is that the 27 inch Apple iMacs can now accept 32GB of ram so you will need to buy 8GB memory modules x4. For the smaller screen iMacs, you are limited to a maximum of  16Gb and you can buy a 16GB memory upgrade kit or two 8GB iMac RAM kits or 4x4GB ddr3 1600 Mhz sodimms to get you to the maximum of 16GB allowed.

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2011 Apple IMac RAM Types 

The now discontinued Apple iMacs (check here for some great deals) take the slower 1333mhz spec’d ddr3 sodimms so be sure to buy the right memory for the 2011 iMacs vs the 2012 iMacs that use faster memory. Like the smaller 2012 iMac models, all 2011 Apple iMacs can only accept up  to 16GB of RAM maximum. If  you want to install more than 16GB of RAM in a 2011 or older iMac – you can’t and will need to buy a 27 inch Apple iMac.

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For older iMac models,I recommend you check either lowendmac or everymac for ram specifications for the older Mac models as I tend to concentrating on getting you the best deals on iMac memory for new iMacs vs older iMacs.

Buy a Brand New 2012 iMac.

If you’re ready to buy a 2012 iMac I suggest you check Amazon or MacMall for the best deals on a 2012 Apple iMac.