What Kind of RAM Do I Have?

Recently, I wrote about memory finders being a perfect way to buy more memory for your Mac or PC  if you’re looking to buy more memory, but what if you just want to find out what kind of RAM you have installed in your desktop or notebook computer already?

Find RAM on Macintosh

On the Mac, it’s easy.

Go to the Apple Menu and select About This Mac

You’ll see the amount of memory and type of RAM

If you click ‘more info’  there’ s a memory tab that displays the amount of ram installed, how many slots are in use by the ram installed and the type of RAM installed.

Windows 7

Click Start

Right click computer and then properties

In the system section you can see the installed RAM you have.


Boot into Ubuntu if you  haven’t already done so.

Select Applications from the top left corner.

Select  Accessories and then Terminal

Type  the word top and the ram installed should be beside Mem::

If you’re more interested in finding out what brand of RAM you have, then the only way I know how to do this is to physically inspect the RAM as most RAM brands are not displayed in any memory information tool, regardless of operating system.

My Mac Mini shipped with Hynix RAM when I went to replace the 4GB of Mac Mini RAM with 8GB (I went with Crucial from Amazon as my wife was buying some books at the same time and we get free shipping)  but the Hynix memory upgrades worked just fine for me, as does the Crucial upgrades.

When shopping for ram upgrades I would be more concerned that you have the correct memory speed and  type installed as opposed to buying ram brands. RAM either works or it doesn’t and all ram built or sold by the memory stores I list will do you just fine and come with money back guarantees in the rare event there is a problem.