What Kind of DDR3 RAM Do MacBook Pros Use?

MacBook Pro DDR3 8GB Memory Kits

The memory type the Apple MacBook Pro’s use depends on how new (or old)  your Apple MacBook Pro is. If you have a brand new Apple MacBook Pro the answer is easy, as  these new MacBook Pro models for 2010 use DDR3 1066Mhz SDRAM so-dimms that are on sale from a wide selection of trusted memory shops.

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It’s purely speculation on my part, but as we hit the 2011 calendar year, I think we will see a new MacBook Pro release soon that will use the faster DDR3 1333MHz memory specification, as both the Apple iMac and Mac Pro already run at this speed so it’s just a matter of  time until the new MacBook Pro’s use faster ram as well.

But I’m not an Apple Rumor website, and for now the current MacBook Pros can run DDR3 1066Mhz SDRAM sodimm and can accept up to 8GB of RAM. 16GB of RAM is not yet supported in any MacBook Pro currently shipping but that too will change soon enough I’m guessing.

MacBook Pro DDR3 1066MHz Memory Prices

Now that we have determined what kind of DDR3 RAM the MacBook Pro uses, the next step is to determine where to buy MacBook Pro RAM and I can help you with that as I have been tracking and monitoring RAM prices for not just the current MacBook Pro models  but older models too:

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MacBook Pro memory is so cheap that when you compare the cost of maxing out your MacBook Pro with RAM compared to what you paid for the computer in the first place, it just seems like a no brainer to me to upgrade the RAM  as much as you can on Apple’s professional notebook computer model.