What is Triple Channel Memory?

Triple Channel Memory is ram that offers (big surprise) more bandwidth than dual channel or even single channel memory. Single Channel memory runs at 64 bits, Dual Channel memory is 128 bits and lastly triple channel memory runs at 192bits.

DDR3 memory is the common name for triple channel memory upgrades and can be in the form of both DDR SDRAM dimms for destkop computer use or in sodimm memory modules for use with notebook computers. Common speeds of triple channel memory can be DDR3 1600MHz or DDR3 1333Mhz with the prior being the most popular triple channel memory type for computers in 2012 and beyond.

Triple Channel Memory Use

It’s recommended to install triple channel memory in matched pairs. Most computers offer either two, four or in some cases eight memory upgrade slots with various memory upgrade banks  and it’s best to fill each bank with the same memory type and speed. It’s not  suggested to mix triple memory speeds as this can hinder PC performance and in some cases damage the motherboard.

How to Buy Triple Channel Memory

One way to get the correct ram for your desktop or PC is to use a memory upgrade configurator that will help you in getting the right RAM for your PC. All you do is enter your PC manufacturer, model name, and in some cases model Number. For example, manufacturer name would be Dell, model name would be Inspiron and model number would be N5010. When you have this information all you have to do is select the correct information and the memory upgrade store will help you get the right ram for your desktop or notebook PC.

Some computer  memory manufacturers also create a memory upgrade software that scans your  computer system to find the right memory type and then suggests compatible memory upgrades. Crucial Technology is one memory manufacturer that offers this.

If  you’re a more experienced computer user who is comfortable building your own PC you can forgo the memory configurator and software altogether and buy triple channel memory from a selection of memory stores, or  if you prefer you can order triple channel memory from Amazon. I find that in most cases Amazon has the cheapest memory upgrades. Below are some of the best selling triple channel memory upgrades on sale today: