What Is The Price To Add RAM to a Computer?

When you consider adding ram to a computer there’s a lot more to ask yourself  rather than just what’s the best memory deal I can get?  In fact, I have found that the best ram prices have very little to do with what you need when you consider buying more memory for your Apple or PC computer.

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It doesn’t matter whether you have the latest computer or even a brand new computer you should  always  buy new ram not used memory. Yes, you can save money when you buy ram but you have absoltutely no gaurantee on the memory preformance. It’s quite possible you could damage your computer with used ram and that’s why I always recommend you start your search for memory here. I have been listing and tracking the best prices on ram from the best memory stores for longer than I care to share. Ok , since you asked I  have thirteen years experience with ram and memory upgrades and I have saved thousands of people just like you money on new computer ram upgrades from manufacturers like Apple, Dell, HP and Compaq. I guess I should also list Sony RAM and Toshiba memory too. You can get a great deal on ram when you shop for ram online.

I mean really, if the memory is designed to work and and is compatible with  both Macintosh and  Windows OS (or operating systems as they are sometimes called) does it matter where you bought the memory.

I can understand why you would  want to buy an apple computer as they offer good design and relatively and arguable affordability. The new Macs – and I mean all of them from iMac to MacBook Pros to Mac Pros they all offer value and that’s why they are the best selling computers today when you factor in ease of use and lack of viruses when all you want to do is surf the web and get some work done.

Maybe your’e here because you heard or read somewhere that the easiest computer upgrade you can do is to add ram or memory and  it’s true. RAM is so cheap these days.

I remember when I started to look  for the best deals on RAM and this is a time when even 1GB of RAM for a computer was astounding and a store online started to carry and sell 1GB RAM and I had to check with the store to be sure they hadn’t made a price mistake as the 1 GB of ram at the time was priced  at $2500. Wow, those were the days.

Fast forward to today where you  would  have a hard time even spending $2500 on an entire computer, let alone an upgrade for the computer. We’ve come a long way, baby – like the old cigarette ads used to say (I’m dating myself here)

But now it’s 2010 and all you wan to know is how much is memory? What does RAM cost ? Is there a gaurantee?  Does the RAM come with free shipping? How long has the memory store been in business. Is my credit card data with the memory store secure?

If you don’t ask all these questions when you are looking for the best price on ram and memory upgrades you should be. It’s your hard earned money you’re spending and lots of memory companies want to sell you ram so they can stay in business and profit.

You wan to save money on RAM which is why you searched for “what is the price to add ram to a computer” in  the first place. If you didn’t care you would just call dell or apple or  toshiba or wherever and pay full price or even more than full price for ram.

But if you do your homework you can not only save money on memory upgrades you can sleep better at night knowing you did the work and didn’t spend all your money on RAM when you have other expenses.

The good news is you are here and you want to know the price for computer upgrades and let me tell you, you’ve come to the right place. Where else can you buy ram from a selection of memory store that all offer the  best ram prices in some way. You’ll notice I didn’t say the lowest ram prices because you must consider other factors when buying ram such as frees shipping and customer service and all those other factors to consider when buying memory upgrades that I listed further up this article.

But if price is your main concern for modern computers in 2010 regardless of make or model they all pretty much can benefit for a DDR3 1066 or sometimes DDR3 1333 ram upgrade. Yes, there’s still a bit of demand for older memory chips as some schools and  cheap business (cheap people too) used older computers and are looking to squeeze every last drop of performance out of their computing dollar and a memory upgrade does just that. Dollar for dollar a ram upgrade is the best upgrade you can do for your desktop or notebook computer today.

Right, price.  ram prices change so much over time by the time I hit publish the ram prices will be old news and new ram modules will have become available. What usually happens is this: new ram is made. it’s pricey as it’s expensive. An example would be the 1GB ram when it first came on the market. You had to have very deep pockets to afford  1GB of ram a decade or so ago. We are seeing the same with newer ram modules too. 8GB for your iMac or MacBook Pro  if you’re an Apple fan is not cheap. Yet.

Notice that I said: Yet. The ram prices for expensive ram will drop and drop and drop until the demand  lowers and then the prices for ram for your older computer by this time will actually increase a bit as the demand has dropped so the prices have to rise.

But as I write this, I find that spending $100 or even less on memory upgrades will allow you get the maximum performance out of your computer and the price to add ram to you computer rarely exceeds the $100 price for most modern computers today.  There are a few exceptions to this rule as some of the professional computers need  more expensive memory. This makes sense in my thinking – if you are making a living with your computer you should expect to pay more for a memory upgrade than grandma who is just emailing the grand children on her netbook.

Regardless, RAM prices are cheap and I fully endorse that you should upgrade ram to the fullest and maximum you can afford for memory upgrades