What is the Price Range for Updating RAM on MacBook Pro?

Good question and first we need to understand one thing about memory and MacBook Pro Memory before we go there research the best price you can get on ram for MacBook Pros. The fact is, that if you chart it over time MacBook Pro RAM gets cheaper and cheaper. It wasn’t too long ago that the only MacBook Pro was the new unibody 17 inch MacBook Pro and yes you could finally install  8GB of memory into a MacBook Pro but you would need a lot of money to do so, to the  tune of over a thousand dollars.

Now, unless you’re NASA or some goverment  agency  or some business that rakes in hundreds of thousands of dollars each day,  you do not need a whole lot of RAM. And one thousand dollars for RAM upgrades is just well, silly. But that’s just one guys opinion, it’s bad enough I spent over $2000 on a MacBook Pro – the last thing my budget needs is another thousand dollars to spend on RAM.

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Thankfully, like a lot of things in life – the longer you wait the cheaper it gets. Especially with technology. Just like there’s now $100 iPhones, and $300 netbook computers you will soon be able to buy cheaper RAM for MacBooks too. Look at the Apple iPod. It had a crappy black and white screen, was as big as a house and only held 1000 songs. There was no way to upgrade the memory on the Apple iPods so you had to wait. Wait until Apple released cheaper iPods that would offer more storage and brighters screens, and now you can find cheap MP3 players for about the same amount of change you’d find in your seat cushions.

All this to say: Apple RAM or any memory upgrade gets cheaper over time. The big question becomes:  can you wait that long? Can you wait until the ram prices drop so you can get the best deal possible on MacBook Pro RAM? That’s really the biggest question. What’s your time worth? If you spend more and more time waiting than you do working then a ram upgrade is worth the price whatever it costs. But if all you are using your  Apple MacBook Pro for is for surfing the internet and email your MacBook Pro probably came with enough RAM right out of  the box.

But you want to upgrade your memory on your Mac, and you just want to know what the price range of MacBook RAM is, for crying  out loud. OK, OK I have rambled on long enough. As I write this the best price you get on  MacBook Pro 2GB RAM memory modules are about $50 each and to upgrade to the larger 4GB RAM for MacBooks, you will have to shell out about &$150 each.  Prices on RAM change so if you’re reading this in the future these ram prices might not be applicable.

RAM Prices for MacBook Pros sure have dropped. You can max out the RAM on your MacBook Pro for about $300 now.  A year ago it would have cost you double that for the very same ram.  In another post I’ll show you how to get the cheapest RAM prices for MacBook Pros and  it’s pretty easy to do if you’ve done some frugal ram shopping.