What is the cost of RAM for PC?

PC memory has dropped in prices over the last few years. Ten years ago, 1GB of RAM for a PC would have cost over two thousand dollars when it was first released.  It has been my experiences that the price of ram just keeps getting cheaper and cheaper until demand for the memory starts to dwindle due to new technologies being released over time and  the older ram usally rises in price a small percentage as the demand drops.

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It doesn’t matter what ram costs

Regardless of whether you are buying a PC  or Apple computer, or perhaps you’re creating a new PC from scratch  and you need ram it is always best to buy the most ram  you can afford as the benefits far outweigh the costs.

For example 8GB 1066 DDR3 memory (also known as DDR3 PC8500) is priced still pretty expensively. Not as much as a year ago, where it would cost you over a thousand dollars for this memory configuration, but enough still today that 8G of DDR3 will cost in the $400 to $500 price range.

If you can do with smaller amounts of ram, 1GB of  DDR3 ram for PC’s  costs under $20. The ram prices for 1GB have risen in recent months down from a low of $11.00 for 1GB  of RAM. If you need more than 1GB of memory, the 2GB RAM for most desktop and laptop PC computers costs just $40 or so, which is another bargain. If you’ve been paying attention this works out to double what the 1GB RAM costs so you will still be getting a bargain.

It’s only when you get into either exotic memory types (such as RAMBUS or RDRAM) or larger sizes, where the technology and demand haven’t met up yet for the sweet spot of memory upgrade and low price – is where you’ll get bitten for a high ram price.

The 2Gb memory size at the time being seems to be the best size of memory module for your PC computer – it doesn’t matter  – desktop or notebook computers. On notebook computers you are usually physically limited  due to size and also heat  on how much ram you can install in a netbook or notebook computer. On a desktop computer your ram upgrade options are usually much more as you have more ram slots to install memory into and so on most PC’s you can use cheap ram with small sizes to save money on ram upgrades.

Your PC manufacturer will be able  to help you with how much RAM you can install and what type of ram you need, but when yo have this information at your arsenal you can upgrade the memory to the maximum. RAM is cheap. Max out the ram on your PC and you can enjoy years of trouble free computing.