What is the Best Selling Laptop Brand of 2012?

A lot of times, the best selling notebook of the year is also going to be the cheapest notebook of the year too as you can get a lot of notebook for very little money these days, and if you’re just going to be surfing the internet or writing documents with your laptop you don’t need to buy a high powered gaming notebook for that to happen. If this is the case, then all you need to do is buy the cheapest notebook you can buy.**

PriceWhen shopping for a new laptop, one way to decide on what laptop to buy this year is to take the easy way out and **just  buy the laptop everybody else is buying.  This sure takes the guesswork out of having to decide on what notebook to buy but there are other factors to consider when notebook shopping in 2012:

Screen Size 

The best sellers in the notebook department also tend to be those with the smallest screens as screen size determines price more than any other component on a notebook computer today. If you want a bigger screen notebook, be prepared to pay for the additional  screen real estate.


Fast  Processors are going to cost more and likely not as popular due to price, than if you were to buy a cheaper notebook computer with a slower chip.

RAM and Hard Drives

When notebook shopping you want to  be sure to buy the notebook with the most RAM and hard drive space. In 2012, that translates to RAM with 4GB and about 500GB hard drive space for entry level notebooks – especially when you’re shopping for notebooks under $500.

Best Laptop Brands in 2012

I’ll try to keep this updated, and this will easily change over time, but you really can’t go wrong with the following notebook computer brands:


You’ll pay a premium for this brand, and it’s arguable whether an Apple notebook is worth the extra money  but these notebooks are constantly on the best selling notebook lists year after year.

Lenovo is another brand that’s popped up recently and it’s probably doe in part to the fact that you can buy their laptops so cheaply – some are priced as low as $399. Try getting a Mac notebook for that little.

Acer ranks number  3 currently and I really don’t know why as they tend to have a very extensive lineup of notebooks this year – from more traditional notebooks to the ultra light ultrabooks. If you had to pick any notebook brand, I would say that Acer  will have a laptop that would suit your needs.

**HP **Personally, I have had bad luck with a HP notebook so  I am reluctant to recommend this brand, but I suppose I shouldn’t let one bad apple ruin the bunch

Asus is a brand of notebook I haven’t used much but they are in the top ten best selling notebooks  right now so I must include this brand too.

Unless you consider Apple, all the others ship with Windows 7 as the defacto operatings system and of course, I suggest  you max out the ram in all of them.

Where To Buy The Best Laptop Brands?

I have a hard time beating  any price on any notebook and suggest you buy your 2012 notebook at Amazon as they stock every item under the sun and have the best notebook prices I have seen this year to date.