What is the Best Memory for Apple?

It has been my policy to always monitor apple memory prices that are generic, as my thinking is this:  Generic is the best memory you can buy if you wanted to save money on ram, be it for apple, dell, hp or sony computers. But with the recent decrease in memory prices over the years this has made me re-think my stand. You might be able to get into brand name memory for just a few dollars more.

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The Difference Between Generic and Brand Name Memory Upgrades

First off, there’s the price. Generic memory is cheaper, no doubt and it’s made and manufactured to the same standards as the name brand ram but there’s no fancy logo on the generic ram, it’s made and assembled with parts that are, well, generic.

Brand name on the hand is supplied by brand name manufacturers such as crucial technology, samsung, or micron (which manufactures memory for crucial technolog. With brand name, you’re paying for an established memory brand as opposed to a memory store that sticks their sticker on generic ram.

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The difference is small, but the brand name ram might be a better option if your life depends on your memory working  100 percent all the time and any downtime would cost you a substantial amount of money. This isn’t  to say the generic memory isn’t’ good and reliable, and if you buy it from the memory stores I recommend such as RAMJET, Crucial,  or 18004memory to name few memory stores, they back up the ram with their warranty and all these stores have been in business for over ten years at very least, some are closer to 20 years experience. They wouldn’t be in business that long if they sold bad ram.

The best memory for Apple is what you can afford and value. If you appreciate the brand name memory, then buy the name brand ram. If you think ram is ram is ram, then save money on ram and buy the generic ram.

Which ever method you choose when deciding what is the best memory for your mac, do yourself a favor and upgrade your apple computer to the maximum ram that your machine can allow as that will boost your performance of the computer you spent a lot of money on. Don’t be cheap on ram. Buy as much as you can afford, and your apple computer will accomodate. This one upgrade will offer you the most benefit when it comes to having a reliable computer that runs without any hiccups or service requirements.