What is the Best Hard Drive for MacBook and What Does it Cost?


It’s been said in the computing field there’s no such thing as too much ram or hard drive space, and it’s so true. As our need for both hard drive space and memory increases over the years (it wasn’t that long ago that 250gb of hard drive space was a big deal, as so was 1GB of memory upgrade space)

Cheap Drives, Solid State.

Solid Sate Hard Drives for MacBook

But times change and before you know it, the hard drive on your MacBook is full, or getting there thanks to the demands of modern computing such as MP3 and movie downloads , not to mention the bloated operating systems that despite the fact offer more speed and functionality and are much more intuititive than OS’s of before – these software programs take up a lot of space, and usually more space than what you what came with the hard drive installed inside your Apple notebook computer.

MacBook Hard Drives are Cheap

The good news is that not only are MacBook hard drives offer more capacity at less money than ever before, if you install your original factory hard drive in and external case (usually a USB case), then you now have an instant backup of your MacBook and in most cases – for traditional SATA hard drives, the hard drives cost under $100.

Another option when considering a MacBook hard drive upgrade is to keep your factory hard drive in an external hard drive case as mentioned before, but instead of buying a standard hard drive, buy a cheap solid state hard drive for startup files and regularly accessed files and use your original MacBook hard drive for stuff you don’t use as much.

**Cheap Hard Drives for MacBook. **

As the MacBook ships from Apple with a 250GB hard drive you, in my opinion at least want to double your MacBook hard drive space so starting with the **Western Digital Scorpion Blue 500GB internal SATA hard **drive that’s currently **on sale for less than sixty dollars is a fantastic MacBook hard drive option, especially for the price. **

If you want even more space than what the 500GB Western Digital drive offers, there’s also a 1TB version which offers four times the space, enough for more than enough data for your files and this notebook hard drive will cost just over $100

**Solid State Hard Drives are one other option when it comes to more space for your MacBook but be aware that solid state technology is still new and therefore, quite expensive when you compare the prices to more traditional hard drives which can be had for much less. **

To just match or replace the standard 250GB hard drive in your MacBook with a similar hard drive will cost you close to 1000 dollars – as much as the price of the MacBook itself. But if you need speed and portability over space then a SSD or solid state hard drive upgrade still makes sense and smaller size SSD hard drives can be bought for much less, making a MacBook solid state drive upgrade a worthy upgrade option for those in the market for more speed yet sacrifice on total space.


Hard Drive Upgrade Costs for MacBook keep dropping and as you can see from above, there’s more than one method to upgrade your MacBook hard drive and still keep things affordable, especially if you stick to traditional hard drive technology where you can get the most bang per buck for your MacBook upgrade dollar.