What is the Best Desktop Computer 2011: HP Desktop Models

Best Selling HP Desktop Computer. Priced under $500

What is the best computer 2011? (I also get asked what is the best 2011 laptop too)

I get asked this a fair bit, probably just behind what the best computers 2011 offers and what should I buy which is another thing I get asked, so rather than answer this question again privately,  I thought  I would answer your question here and look at the Top 3 HP desktop computers on sale and why they are the best desktops from HP you can buy this year to date:Cheapest HP Desktop

HP Pavilion p6720f

The HP Pavilion currently tops the best selling HP desktops list as it balances the low price that all desktop PC’s are associated with when compared to days gone by but still offers the best performance of any other desktop computer by HP. Featuring an AMD Phenom II 840T Quad-Core Processor with 6GB of RAM standard (expandable to 16GB), a 1TB hard drive for more than enough room for your files, and Windows 7 64 bit operating system installed with a fast ATI RadeonTM HD 4200 integrated graphics card  that offers fast and responsive video – great for movies or gaming, just two applications that require the fastest video card money can buy. Priced at just a touch over $500 this is the best value desktop from HP available today.

HP Pavilion Slimline s5710f PC

The HP Pavilion Slimline S5710f  comes in a much smaller form factor than a full sized PC but don’t let the small size or even smaller price fool you. This is one serious  HP desktop PC and ships standard with an AMD Athlon II 260 Dual Core Processor, 3GB of DDR3 RAM, 640GB hard drive, and Windows 7 all come as standard equipment on this tiny PC from HP that looks stylish on any desk, a perfect solution from HP where space is a consideration when buying a desktop PC, regardless of computer brand.

HP Pavilion p6750f Special Edition

The HP Pavilion P6750 Special Edition is priced with a street price of just over $500 and offers a stylish ocean inspired design for spaces where it matters that your desktop looks as much as it performs. This HP desktop is not all about looks, no this is one of the top 3 computers today from HP thanks to a fast Intel E6700 processor,  Windows 7 64bit pre-installed and 4GB of RAM or Memory  with a big 1TB hard drive as standard equipment and all for a low low price that’s too low to display here it’s such a great deal on a HP Desktop.

HP desktop technology will increase over time, and the desktops will get even faster  with more performance as they always do, but when shopping for a HP desktop this year in 2011 these are the best HP desktops available today.

  • AMD Athlon II 260 Dual-Core Processor