What is the Best Computer Brand to Buy?

Apple  Computer is the Best Computer Brand and one of the Best 2011 Laptops

Well, it’s no secret that I’m a fan of Apple computers and have been for some time, but in the last decade PC computers have dropped in price not just with notebooks and desktops,but with netbook computer too, which are the cheapest computers you can buy and easily be found for less than two hundred dollars from jus about every notebook PC manufacturer except Apple, which some will say charge too too much for their products when you can buy computers from other PC brands for less.



All other PC brands rely on the Windows OS to operate and for some, this could either be an advantage or a curse, depending on your perspective. For my case,  I prefer the Apple OS for one reason only, and that’s the fact that I grew up with the Mac OS  and  when using the windows OS, it confuses me to no end but the same could be same for the Mac OS. One good thing about the Windows OS is that for some of us, there’s a Mac software  version for popular Mac applications that will run on the Windows OS.. Safari and iTunes both come with versions that will run on Windows OS just fine.

If all you’re doing with your PC is web browsing and itunes, you can now do these things on about every smartphone built today so some might argue why bother with the Mac OS when a much cheaper brand of computer will do just fine. I know in my household, I’m a Mac obviously  but my significant other can’t fathom of paying a premium for an Apple computer when a perfectly fine notebook to her runs the windows OS  and saves her money in the process?

Regardless of what side of the Mac/PC fence you  sit on, the top ten computer brands to buy today are:








**Sony **


**Gateway **

The data above is based on the best selling notebook computers available on sale at Amazon