What is the Best Affordable Laptop?

As newer computer models change over time, so will this list but I thought I’d take time to research some cheaper laptops and what’s currently available on sale. (Of course, you’ll need to add ram to your laptop). You will note I’m not  listing the best selling laptops or even the cheapest laptops because I have found that sometimes spending a bit more money is worth it when laptop shopping.

What is affordable?

If you want a Mac Laptop you’re going to need close to $1000 to play, and if you don’t have that kind of money then you’re forced to look at a Windows notebook. There was a time that I would loathe to recommend a PC laptop but with Windows 8 on the horizon and a consumer preview available I may have to change my tune. You can also install Ubuntu on the Windows PC and with a bit of tweaking you can get a notebook that feels real close to the Mac OS for a fraction of the price.

Laptops Under $400

I’ve already written about $400 laptops and there’s lots to choose from. Three current  best sellers are:

The Acer Aspire AS5750Z-4835 is one notebook worth a look and offers all the basics of a cheap notebook in a 15.6 inch package with 4GB RAM, 500GB hard drive and a 15.6 inch display.

The Asus A53U-EH11 is another cheap laptop that’s feature packed with and AMD dual core processor, 3GB of RAM and a 320GB hard drive and at under $350.00, this is one of the cheapest notebooks you can buy today.

Don’t discount a chromebook either. The Samsung series 5 chromebook is an option as there’s less hassle with OS stuff and viruses. If you live in a web browser, this could be the perfect notebook for you.

Laptops $500 to $1000

If screen real estate is what you need the HP g7-1310us is a hard deal to beat for a 17 inch notebook, especially for the price of just over $500.

If the thought of lugging around a big screen notebook all day brings shivers up your spine, check out the Dell Inspiron i14RN-1227BK. At just under $500 this 14 inch beauty shaves weight off the traditional laptop and is cheaper than an Ultrabook.

And speaking of Ultrabooks, now that they are dropping in price, they are a much cheaper alternative to an Apple offering and are the cheapest and are the best laptops and notebooks you can buy today.

These notebooks are just a taste of what’s available when shopping for a laptop and all I would consider affordable laptops.