What is the Apple Support Number?

One of the best ways to get your Apple support issues resolved is to forget calling and go take  yourself to an Apple Store if you need any help with your Apple notebook computer, regardless of warranty status. If your Mac is in warranty then the good folks at Apple will help you and in some cases, even if your Apple product is out of the limited warrant for your Apple computer or other product  like iPod or iPhone.  Apple stuff  is expensive, but in most cases you get good support when you have a need to Call Apple directly:

How to Call Apple Support

One of the best ways to find out about Apple support is to visit Apple directly where they can help you determine whats support you need, but if you do prefer to Call Apple, call Apple at 800-275-2273 and they will be happy to help you.

This support number is applicable to any product currently covered under Applecare for:

Mac and  Software

Apple TV


More Apple Support Numbers

For Apple iPad support, call 1-800-275-2273

For Apple iPhone support, call 1-800-694-7466

There are other contact numbers for iTunes and the iTunes and other products from Apple, but these are the Apple Support Numbers for the main hardware products from Apple computer. Call the appropriate number above for your Apple product and they will be happy to help you with your Apple support questions.