What is the Advantage of Apple NoteBooks Over Other Brands?

The Apple MacBook Pro 13 inch is the best selling notebook today

You know, as we enter 2011 I’m beginning to wonder the same thing as for what I do here on ramseeker – could  my MacBook could easily be replaced by a much cheaper windows PC? I’ve had a notebook PC for a few years now where it’s served as an underused and underappreciated iTunes music server, but as recent as just last evening I began to wonder if I could do what I do on a much cheaper windows PC instead?

The  13 inch MacBook Pro is the newest and most popular notebook on sale today, so there’s lots and lots of Apple fans that would much rather pay for the Apple brand  and there are a few reasons why in the long term the Apple Mac might be the better buy.

The Mac Operating System

The Mac/PC ads that were so popular both on TV and online a few years back featuring Justin Lon and John Hodgman highlighted the advantages of the Apple software, and  when it comes to innovation I think Apple gets the nod. Apple tends to lead the way with newer technology than Windows. The Mac OS tends to be, admittedly from a Mac-centric perspective, more intuitive.

More Built in Software

Or maybe better designed built in software might be a better way to state this. The included apps such as iLife, Garage Band, iMovie and the like tend to get better over the years and are also upgraded every year. There’s also iTunes which is software not for downloading  and playing music but Apple computers tend to work seamlessly with other Apple products such as iPods and iPhones.

The Mac is Virus Free

Somebody’s  going to chime in on this I know, but I’ve never been wiped out by viruses in the many many years I have owned and loved Apple computers. This may be the deal breaker right here, as with Windows you have to add and renew expensive antivirus software programs to be virus free. My Apple Macs have always just worked from the day I took them out of the box to the days I have sold or upgraded my Macs. When it comes to Macs they just worked for me.

I guess it all comes down to  what you do and how important your computing needs are. If all you do is facebook and email, then any old windows PC and most smartphones today are up  to the task. With the Macs, you pay more up front  – as much as triple the costs of a windows PC,  but it’s my opinion you get a better built and thought out product that’s more intuitive to use. But the downside of this is you’ll pay for it up front, and if you don’t have the cash then perhaps you should consider buying a windows PC.

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