What is Dual Channel Memory?

Dual Channel Memory is commonly known as DDR or DDR2 memory and usually ships in two distinct sizes: SDRAM DDR2 DIMMS for desktop computers and DDR2 SDRAM sodimms for notebook computers. Speeds for DDR2 memory range from PC-3200 to PC-6400. In 2012, DDR2 dual channel memory is not the fastest DDR memory you can buy with DDR3 technology up tp 1600Mhz and beyond being the most popular DDR memory upgrades today. DDR2 memory upgrades were more popular from the period of about 2005 to 2008 when they were replaced with the much faster DDR3 memory standard.

How Dual Channel Memory Works

Dual Channel Memory is usually installed in pairs, and refers to the fact that the DDR or DDR2 memory is used on the moterboard. With two memory slots on a DDR2 motherboard available for memory upgrades, when DDR2 or even DDR memory is installed the computer can process memory data twice as fast as the DDR standard. The dual channel allow for one memory bank to read and write data while the next memory bank is getting ready for the next stream of data. This eliminates wait time as one memory bank is always ready for the next stream of data, effectively doubling the read and write timings. To gain the advantage that DDR2 memory upgrades offer, it is recommended that you install DDR2 memory upgrades in matched pairs for the most reliable computing experience.

DDR2 dual channel memory is available in both generic memory where the memory vendor manufactures or resells the memory and the warranty for DDR2 generic memory depends on the vendor or  you can buy name brand DDR2 memory upgrades from a wide array of computer memory manufacturers: Crucial Technology, Kingston Technology and Corsair Memory are just a few DDR2 memory upgrade manufacturers that offer brand name memory and warranty support for dual channel memory upgrades.

Where To  Buy Dual Channel Memory

You can buy dual channel memory from a wide array of memory vendors (see my list of memory stores bel0w) but some of the best prices and  cheapest dual channel memory upgrades tend to be found online at Amazon. Below are a few examples: