What Does It Cost To Install Memory?

It costs nothing to install memory if you install the  RAM yourself. For all but a few PC models  there’s no reason that with some common sense, a bit of research online for memory install instructions for your particular computer brand and model  and you can install ram yourself without the added expense of bringing your computer in to a computer store or computer service center.

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When in comes time to install memory on a desktop computer or notebooks, most ram upgrade installations can be done in ten minutes or less with the biggest problem you may encounter when installing memory being static electricity as memory for both notebook and desktops tend to be fragile and very sensitive when it comes to static electricity.

All you need to do to prevent the memory or your computer against static electricity is to ground yourself properly either by touching a metal part on your computer chassis to discharge any electricity you may have built up in (or  is it on?) you.  A better defense against static is to buy an anti-static wrist strap to ground yourself against any damage to your new RAM. This sounds like a big deal but in the 15 years I have been dealing with RAM I have never fried a stick of RAM using the precautions  I have mentioned.


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Best Selling Memory Upgrade

Installing your memory upgrades depends on your particular model.  For an example,  installing memory on a Dell 1525 Inspiron notebook consists of nothing more than removing eight screws on the bottom of the Dell notebook to get at the memory upgrade slots, removing the factory RAM installed by Dell  and replacing them with the  larger memory modules that you have bought, and then simply fasten the door on the bottom of the notebook again.

Installing RAM on Apple Notebooks pretty much works the same: In the case of installing MacBook Pro memory you do pretty much the same , except in the case of the Apple laptop you remove the entire bottom of  the laptop  instead of a small door on the back like you do with the Dell.

Desktop RAM installs are just as easy, if not more thanks to the fact that there’s more room to work with. Simply  unplug your desktop and all cables, remove the cover on your PC and lay the  PC chassis on it’s side where you will have easy access to the motherboard on your PC to access all the memory upgrade memory slots for your personal computer.

Tools required for memory installs usually just require a small philips screwdriver, or in rare cases a torx screwdriver and the anti static strap  mentioned earlier.

Save your money on memory upgrades and memory installations and do the easy RAM installation yourself.

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